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Infant Program


Kids World sets its pace around the needs and unique differences of each child. Our infant program has primary teachers who center their day on the needs of those children. While meeting basic needs of food, diapering, and adequate rest, the teachers go far beyond that. Our staff are keen observers who plan and enhance the interaction and activities that your infant’s behavior is identifying.

Routines are the curriculum for your child’s day. Every moment of a young child’s day offers opportunities for learning. Our teachers catch these moments and helps each baby establish trust, discovery, and feel good about him/herself. In addition, your child's teacher helps your child to tackle motor skills, realize the power of language, and begin to understand this new world from many angles. This task is accomplished as our staff key into the verbal and nonverbal messages that your child is sending.

With the education and understanding of early childhood development, Kids World staff knows that rich verbal interactions with children help them to understand language as a tool for identifying and expressing their needs, ideas, and feelings later in life. Each of our caregivers understands that infants developmentally need to explore the world through touch and feel. This is viewed as a valuable learning experience. Your child's teacher is alert to the need for proper sanitation measures and follows them consistently and conscientiously.  As our staff looks at the environment, she/he views it from the child’s perspective and creates an inviting and stimulating place for the child. Our staff understands that a child’s developmental status requires specific learning tools. The tools are put into rotation so that every toy/learning tool is utilized by each baby to enhance the needs of your growing child. Our teachers observe the child to focus on your child’s interests or needs.

Infants need to view the world from many angles. This includes crawling, being carried, stroller rides, climbing, and rocking so that various perspectives are gained. Diaper changing, feeding, and other routines are viewed as times for communication, self-discovery, and socializing. They are encouraged to master feeding despite the messiness that accompanies the activity. Parents are the best resource in deciding the child’s needs and you will work closely with their primary teachers to make the best decisions for your child’s development.

Kids World guides Infants from the road of discovery incorporating the PA Standards along with assessments.  The PA Keystone Stars define environment in a broad sense and take into consideration the arrangement of space both indoors and outdoors, the materials and activities offered to the children, the supervision and interactions (including language) that occur in the classroom, and the schedule of the day, including routines and activities. Each room has specific areas of interest including Math/Science, Library, Blocks, Dramatic Play, & Music/Movement that help develop and stimulate your child's interest. The room is full of fun, stimulating toys, while still providing a calm and soothing environment.

Infants : New Skills to Accomplish

  • Recognize his/her name

  • Follow objects

  • React to facial expressions

  • Move from one place to another

  • Reach for objects

  • Make a string of cooing and gurgling sounds

  • React to bright colors, lights, and voices

  • Participate in Circle Time

  • Solidly hold objects in one hand

  • Able to transfer objects from one hand to another

  • Find interest in mirror images

  • Begin to respond to the word "No”

  • Support whole weight on legs

  • Sit up without assistance

  • Hold bottle without assistance

  • Eat stage one foods

  • Moves from stage one to stage two foods

  • Introduce solid foods

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