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School-Age Program

Before & After School Overview

Kids World provides before and after school care for children who attend  the surrounding school districts.   In addition to supplementing what they have learned in school, they participate in interactive learning models that engage critical thinking skills, get assistance with their homework from our trained staff, and have a chance to socialize with each other and form long-lasting friendships that enhance their development, growth and self-confidence. 

School Bus

School - Age Program Includes:

  •  Grades K-6 

  •  Monday through Friday on regular school days 

  •  Full care on no-school days

  •  Care for 2 hour delays

  •  Summer Care

  •  A safe place to learn, have fun and get active 

  •  Breakfast, Lunch (Kindergarten) & Snack

Schools That Provide Transportation:

  •  Hills-Hendersonville Elementary  (located next door)  : Our staff drops off & picks up

  •  Cecil Intermediate Schools : Canon McMillan Busing

  •  South Fayette Elementary School : South Fayette Busing

Typical Day Before & After School

6:30 - 8:00 AM        Greeting the Children / Parent Communication / Breakfast / Free Play

8:25 AM                      Gather book bags / line up for school


11:30 AM                     Lunch for Kindergarten

12:00                            Quiet Activities


1:00 PM                       Playground Time / Gross Motor Skills

3:00 PM                      Hand washing / Snack Time

4:00 PM                      Free Choice Centers

5:00 PM                       Large Group Games

6:00 PM                       Goodbyes / Hugs / Parent Communication

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